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Hired for a Party

@tnbsocial (IG) hosted another annual Network & Chill Ugly Sweater Christmas party at Tavern 153 in Hartford,CT. This event had a good turn out and went until 12 am, providing enough time to capture moments of the audience as they danced and enjoyed themselves.

I started to work at 7:30 and was assisted by @dreh_photography (IG) to shoot the rest of the party. When I started to shoot the lights were on to capture people purchasing from the vendors in the building, and as the night went on the lights went off.

This created a obstacle I wasn't prepared for, I wasn't able to focus on people anymore. I was rocking the Nikon D750 for this event and when I wasn't able to focus I went to the autofocus menu and enable the "Autofocus illumination assistant", but I was still unable to focus. I had to keep capturing these moments, so I couldn't bail out.


Unable to focus, I switched to Live View (back screen view) and waited for moments when other people where shining the light on a moment I wanted to capture and manual focus to take the photo. It worked but I knew I didn't want to keep shooting like this every time this happened.


Autofocus illumination assistant only works when looking through the view finder, when in Live View it doesn't work. So going forward when it starts to get dark, just look through the view finder vs using Live view. If you have to use live view, then switch to manual mode on lens and focus using the ring, try to outline the shape of people you are capturing.

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