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Let Everyone Dream PhotoHouse, LLC (LEDPH), is an independent photography company founded by Del McKenzie and Ram Tecarro. Both started their career as Engineers but grew a love for photography when they both got their first cameras Nikon D3400.  From the moments they started to work gigs together, they've enjoyed each journey with their clients. 

Why do they do what they do?

Their mission as photographers is always to provide a comfortable and authentic experience for their clients. LEDPH's tag line reads “Capture. Fire. Simple”, meaning they capture your special moments that last a lifetime, create fire images while keeping the process simple and smooth.


The company photography services are primarily shooting events and portraits, but each photographer has their own specific niche of photography, covering all needs. 

“We want you to have just as much fun having your picture taken as we do taking your picture.” - Founder

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Phone: 860-468-9692

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